11 maggio 2011

Il transumanesimo e i suoi critici

Segnalo la pubblicazione di Transhumanism and its critics, una raccolta di articoli scritti sia da transumanisti che da critici del transumanismo - come ovvio dal titolo... Ecco l'indice dei contenuti, frai i quali noto In difesa della dignita' postumana, di Nick Bostrom (qui in traduzione italiana, su Estropico).

Humans Plus or Minus: An Introduction, by William Grassie and Gregory Hansell

I. A Critical Historical Perspective on Transhumanism
1. Engaging Transhumanism, by Hava Tirosh-Samuelson

II. H+ Proponents of Transhumanism
2. In Defense of Posthuman Dignity, by Nick Bostrom
3. SENS Statement of Principle, by Aubrey de Grey
4. Bringing Arts/Sciences and Design into the Discussion of Transhumanism, by Natasha Vita-More
5. Conceptualizing Future Identities, by Sky Marsen
6. Ship of Fools: Why Transhumanism is the Best Bet to Prevent the Extinction of Civilization, by Mark Walker
7. From Mind Loading to Mind Cloning – Gene to Meme to Beme: A Perspective
on the Nature of Humanity, by Martine Rothblatt

III. H± Point Counterpoint
8. Of Which Human Are We Post?, by Don Ihde
9. True Transhumanism: A Reply to Don Ihde, by Max More
10. Transhumanism and the Posthuman Future, by Ted Peters
11. Trite Truths About Technology: A Reply to Ted Peters, by Russell Blackford
12. Brains, Selves and Spirituality in the History of Cybernetics by Andrew Pickering
13. Transhumanism: Threat or Menance? A Response to Andrew Pickering by Michael LaTorra

IV. H-: Critical Perspectives on Transhumanism
14. Wrestling with Transhumanism, by Katherine Hayles
15. Cybernetics Is Antihumanism, by Jean-Pierre Dupuy
16. Millennialism at the Singularity: Reflections on Ray Kurzweil’s Exponential Logic, by William Grassie

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