22 maggio 2010

Speciale di io9 sul postumano

Segnalo uno speciale di io9 sul tema della postumanita'. io9 si occupa dei nostri temi da un punto di vista decisamente "pop" (e infatti la hat-tip va a Pop Transhumanism), ma questo non vuol dire che non troverete anche articoli "seri", quali quelli di James Hughes, Jamais Cascio and R.U. Sirius.

Ecco la (lunghissima) lista completa degli articoli:

  • Portraits In Posthumanity: Aimee Mullins
  • What Is The Singularity And Will You Live To See It?
  • Beyond The Human Race - And "Human-Racism", by James Hughes
  • What Will The Citizens Of New Jersey Mutate Into?
  • Great Stupid Moments In Posthumanity: Teenage Caveman (NSFW)
  • Your Posthumanism Is Boring Me, by Jamais Cascio
  • Fritz Kahn's Cybernetic Body Art Is Like Terminator Circa 1920
  • Portraits In Posthumanity: Steve Mann
  • One Mutation Could Prevent You From Becoming An Alcoholic
  • How Much Would It Cost To Build A Real Iron Man Suit?
  • “Am I Not A Man and A Brother?” Four Fictional Legal Systems Respond to Sentient Androids
  • The Best-Case Scenario For Posthumanity, And Who Is Making It Happen, by R.U. SiriusBulleted List
  • Everything You Need To Know About Movie/TV Cyborgs In One Giant Chart
  • Which movie cyborg brought in the most money? Are you more likely to be turned into a cyborg by the military, or an evil corporation?
  • Why Does This Man Want To Stamp Out Posthumans?
  • The Villain Of Iron Man 2 Is Tony Stark
  • The Sexiest Mutants, Cyborgs And Posthumans Of All Time
  • The Haunting Gothic Loveliness Of Frankenstein Art
  • Great Moments in Crazy Human Mutation
  • The Top 10 Killer Body Mods - And We Mean Killer Literally
  • Secrets Of Iron Man's New Suits
  • Portraits In Posthumanity: Claudia Mitchell
  • Meaning to Do Good or Inflict Harm Stimulates Enhanced Strength
  • The Essential Posthuman Science Fiction Reading List
  • Stan Lee's New TV Series Celebrates Real-Life Mutants
  • 10 Characters/Things You Might Not Know Were Cyborgs
  • How Hot Would The Earth Have To Get Before It Would Be Unlivable?
  • io9 Book Club, Assemble! This Month: David Louis Edelman's Infoquake!
  • Posthumanity: Jump To The Next Stage In Human Evolution
  • Cryonics Company And Family Battle Over Ownership Of Woman's Head

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