17 luglio 2009

The Proactionary Principle, di Max More

Un'anteprima per i lettori di Estropico: la lista dei contenuti di The Proactionary Principle, il libro di Max More di prossima pubblicazione (si noti che non si tratta ancora della versione completa e definitiva):

1. Colliding with the Future
The Call of Extropy. Complexity, Wickedness, and Imitation. Death, Thou Shalt Die. Interesting Times. All I Know Is Logic. The Balance of Error. Tools for Tomorrow.

2. The Perils of Precaution
Our Endangered Future. Pervasive Precaution. The Tyranny of Safety. The Paradox of the Precautionary Principle. Failures of the Precautionary Principle. Fatal to the Future.

3. The Wisdom of Structure
The Shape of Structure. Structure: Rigid and Wrong. Stairway to Reason. Decision Decision. Let’s Dance: Integral Decision Making. Don’t Blink. Leading Practices at Every Step.

Part Two: Proactive Futures

4. The Proactionary Principle
Freedom to Innovate. 21st Century Choices. Objectivity. Comprehensiveness. Symmetry. Embrace Input. Simplify. Prioritize. Apply Measures Proportionally. Respect Diversity in Values. Revisit and Refresh.

5. Science of the Future

Part Three: Farther Futures

6. Singularity and the Ends of the World

7. Transhuman Nature

8. Proactionary Ethos

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