23 dicembre 2009

h+ magazine, numero invernale

Segnalo che e' online il numero d'inverno di h+ Magazine. In questo numero: intervista a Ray Kurzweil; CAPRICA: la nascita dei Cylons; Transumanismo fai-da-te; la Singularita' cinese e molto, ma veramente molto, altro. Clicca qui per aprire l'edizione digitale, e qui per la versione Pdf.

Ecco l'intero Table of Contents:

Nanoscale Robot Arm Places Atoms and Molecules With 100% Accuracy
EEG with BCI is A-OK!
Triggerfish Monitors Your Eyes
Project Offset Creates Graphical Magic
Onlive: Sign of a Revolution, or Dead Before Release?
Top 5 Technology Panics of 2009
AI The Chinese Singularity
FOREVER YOUNG: I‘m as Serious as Cancer: 10 Rules are Life Enhancers
BIO: Monkey See or Is One Man‘s Fix Another Man‘s Enhancement
ENHANCED: Sports Enhancement and Life
Enhancement: Different Rules Apply
Nanophotonics May Save Us From Breaking Moore‘s Law
Nanoprobe is Golden
Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno: Paradigm for the Future
Why DIY Bio?
Re-Engineering the Human Immune System
Slicing Brains DIY
Self Tracking: The Quantified Life is Worth Living
Scrapheap Transhumanism
Big Bang from a Small Package: Can Vancouver‘s
General Fusion Bring About an Energy Breakthrough?
Birth of the Cylons
NANO: Singularity: Nanotech or AI?
NEURO: Cognitive Commodities
Battle Angel: The Cameron Epic That Might Have Been (and Might Still Be)
You‘re Such a Toolkit: Review of Drive by Daniel Pink
HUMOR: Disgracebook

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